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7 Unknown Facts about Chioma’s car 🚙 Wedding gift(THE “CHIVIDOMOBILE”)

7 Unknown Facts about Chioma’s car 🚙 Wedding gift(THE “CHIVIDOMOBILE”)

1) The Vehicle nicknamed “the Chividomobile” is a “GAC Motor 2024 GN8 MP” according to google, but that’s not true..this car is actually a 2029 vehicle..Davido actually paid quadruple the price of the car just so they will edit the production date..and bring it down to 2024…so for now they’re only concepts and 3D models of the car in the market…they actually haven’t been produced yet…but you can pre-order which is 4 times cheaper than the option OBO took.🤌🏾

2)The car has an underground, nobody except the owner knows where the door to the underground compartment is(this car will be good for yahoo boys as you can pull over for the police and hide underground..when the police look inside and don’t see anybody, they will think its a self-driving car, and get out of the way)

3)The boot of this vehicle is fitted with a suya stand, and one follow come aboki…as of the time this car was unveiled the aboki was still in the boot roasting mad suya.

4)When this car is low on fuel(which i doubt it would ever be, considering the caliber of people that can afford it)..the car can run on amebo, nagging and gossip..that’s why its a befitting car for a woman(u wey b woman if u like vex instead of using this as a point to why ur hubby should get you this car 🫴🏽 2029 tho, when its affordable)

5) The turning signal lights(trafficator 🇳🇬) and headlights (highbeam) of this vehicle work in sync with the eye balls 👀 and eyelashes of its driver… so if ya driving with cruise control on and “Effizzy mode” engaged and you see somebody u don’t like and you give them bombastic side eye 😒 (or that look up look down, blink very fast and hiss thing, women do)..don’t worry about the person not seeing u through the tinted glass coz your car lights will give them the side eye, they’ll get the message that u don’t like them, even your car horn will hiss at them too!(another good reason why its a befitting car for wom