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Biography of Patience Nzokwor

Biography  of Patience Nzokwor

Patience Ozokwor was born in the village of Amaobo, Ngwo in present-day Enugu State, Nigeria, and attended Abimbola Gibson Memorial School in Lagos. Patience Ozokwor had a passion for acting ever since she was in primary school, where she would act in different stage plays. She later attended the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu, where Patience obtained a degree in fine and applied arts. Before starting as an actress, she was part of a Radio Drama.She took part in a soap opera by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) titled “Someone Cares”.She was married at age 19 and has three biological children and five adopted ones, who all bear her name. Ozokwor became a widow in 2000 when she lost her husband.


She was an announcer and broadcaster on Radio Nigeria before she became an actress. She rose to fame from her role in the 1999 movie Authority and her first TV drama won a soap opera titled Someone Cares on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).Since her rise to fame, she proceeded to act in over 100 movies.

She recently starred in the Mo Abudu Netflix movie Chief Daddy (2018) and Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke (2022) as Madam Pat.

Personal life

She got married at the age of 19 and she lost her husband to a terminal disease.She has three biological children, five adopted children and grand children. She is also an ordained evangelist.

Some of her movies
Year Movie Role
1999 Authority
1999 Ijele Aku
1999 Oganigwe Lolo
2001 Desperadoes
2001 The Eliminators (Amandianeze)
2001 Greedy Genius
2001 Mothering Sunday Eluwa
2001 Terrible Sin
2001 Ukwa[23] Susana
2002 $1 (One Dollar)
2002 Christian Marriage
2002 Final Clash
2002 Fire on the Mountain
2002 Miracle
2002 Okwu Na Uka
2002 Old School
2002 Pretender
2002 Submission
2002 Sunrise
2002 The Vulture
2003 2 Rats
2003 Arrows
2003 Billionaires Club Njideka
2003 Blood Sister Ulumma
2003 By His Grace
2003 The Cross of Love Uloma
2003 Cry No More Agues
2003 Deceiver
2003 Emotional Crack Magdalene
2003 Evil Woman
2003 Forever Yours
2003 Last Miracle
2003 Market Sellers
2003 Mr. Trouble
2003 No Nonsense
2003 Onunaeyi: Seeds of Bondage
2003 Princess Buttem
2003 Price of the Wicked Ijenu
2003 Private Sin Mrs. Ejiofor
2003 The Storm Is Over
2003 Under Fire
2003 Women Affair
2004 Annabel Amelia
2004 Eyin Oka
2004 Fateful Love
2004 Heritage
2004 Indulgence
2004 Love After Love Abigail
2004 Love & Pride
2004 Mama-G in America
2004 Mama, I Will Die for You
2004 Millionaire’s Daughter
2004 Mothers-in-Law
2004 My First Love
2004 My Mother My Marriage
2004 My Woman
2004 Old School 2 & 3
2004 Police Woman
2004 The Staff of Odo
2005 Women in Power Joyce
2006 Last Dance Lucia
2007 Alice My First Lady Amaoge
2008 Husband My Foot Rose
2009 Missing Child Owakwe
2010 Power of a Kiss Mrs. George
2011 Open & Close Charity
2012 Turning Point Mrs. Afolabi
2013 Cry of a Witch Mma
2014 Idemili Queen
2015 Overseas Amaka
2017 Days of Tears Ndudi
2017 Wedding party 2 Adanna
2018 Chief Daddy Madam Pat
2019 Knock out
2020 Bad Comments Mama Frank
2021 The Ghost and the Tout Too Mama G
2021 The Ghost killer
2021 Depths of Despair Agatha
2022 Cake Tomiwa’s Mum
2022 Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke Madam Pat
2022 Be with me Agnes
2022 Battle on Buka Street
2023 The Scuffle

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