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Some UNPOPULAR HipHop opinions that are FACTS(African rap edition)


Some UNPOPULAR HipHop opinions that are FACTS(African rap edition)

— Nasty C’s songs lack bars. Most people just listen to him because of his flow.

— Phyno is more of a singer than he is a rapper. His lyrical ability is overrated.

— Olamide’s quality of music has dropped over the years. In other words, he has fallen off.

— MI Abaga’s style and delivery is outdated and he is no longer a significant force in the Nigerian rap scene.

— Cassper Nyovest is good, but he’s overrated, and his success is mostly due to him knowing how to market his music, not his talent.

— Sakordie is the greatest African rapper of all time, and it shouldn’t even be debatable

— Lyrical Joe is the most underrated rapper in Africa. He’s definitely the most talented rapper from Ghana and one of the best in the continent

— Kaligraph Jones lacks quality lyrics in most of his songs. It’s always about him bragging about money, houses, cars, etc.

— M.anifest style of rap is mostly appealing to Ghanaians only. Many non Ghanaians add them in their best rappers list just because they see people doing so.

— South Africa has the dopest rappers in Africa, while Nigeria has the most popular whack rappers in Africa.

— Jovi’s music lacks international appeal. His style of music is relatable to mostly Cameroonians only, the reason why he’s little known outside of Central Africa.

— Kao Danero is one of the best diss rappers in Africa, but he’s only good at that. He’s a good rapper, but It will take him 100 years to release a hit song 🎵

— MI Abaga’s The Viper diss track is overrated mostly because of his voice. It lacked bars.

— Jovi’s mentality is one of the hardest African diss tracks of all time.

— Odumodubvck is the most overrated rapper of this generation.

— AKA was the best South African rapper of his generation.

Are we capping ?