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You’re looking for some fact points to help settle the legendary diss rap battle between Vector and MI Abaga!

Here are some fact points you can use to argue for either side:


– Vector has been consistently releasing music since 2009, with several albums and mixtapes under his belt.
– He is known for his lyrical depth and wordplay, with many considering him one of the best rappers in Nigeria.
– Vector has collaborated with international artists like Snoop Dogg and has been featured on several international platforms.

MI Abaga:

– MI Abaga is a pioneer of Nigerian hip-hop and has been active in the industry since 2006.
– He has released several critically acclaimed albums and has won numerous awards, including several Headies and a BET Award.
– MI Abaga is known for his storytelling ability and has been praised for his lyrical content and delivery.

Some specific points to consider:

– Vector’s “The Purge” vs MI Abaga’s “The Viper”:
– Vector’s “The Purge” was seen as a scathing diss track that targeted MI Abaga’s career and personal life.
– MI Abaga’s “The Viper” was a response that many saw as a clever and subtle diss that targeted Vector’s credibility and lyrics.
– Vector’s lyrical complexity vs MI Abaga’s storytelling ability:
– Vector is known for his complex lyrics and wordplay, which some argue makes him a more skilled rapper.
– MI Abaga’s storytelling ability and ability to craft relatable narratives have earned him a loyal fan base and critical acclaim.

Remember, the beauty of a diss rap battle lies in the subjective interpretation of the lyrics and the artistry of the rappers involved. May the best rapper win!